Brief Product Outline

Landmine and Improvised Explosive (IED) clearance device for use by NATO/Peacekeeping Armed Forces in the prevention Of Loss of ‘Life or Limb’.

Design Ethos:-   Personal usage (individual soldier), Self-contained Unit, intuitive user experience, supremely reliable and hardwearing, multiple built-in failsafe mechanisms, lightweight,cost effective, single use (disposable).

It is designed not as a destructive weapon, rather the resulting tunnel of pressure (shock wave) will detonate any ‘pressure plate’ detonating device, e.g. IED/landmine.

After the HARBOOM is deployed and detonated (2 stage action) it will not only clear the direct forward area for the foot or vehicle traffic, it will also show a safe, clear path where the troops/ tyres will tread, thereby inspiring confidence for safe passage.

Design Advantages

1/ It is light and non-obstructive to the soldier.

2/ It should be carried upon every soldiers webbing (on their back or Bergen).

3/ It is physically robust and free from unnecessary complicated electronics.

4/ It is in an intuitive design, very little training would be needed,  as when ‘armed’ it is in a pistol formation with a single trigger for both ‘deployment’ of weighted dart, and ‘detonation’ of cord.

5/ It has multiple failsafe mechanisms so no injury can be caused to the user by unwanted detonation (please see the diagrams for more information).

6/ It can be deployed and detonated at a safe distance within 4 seconds of the decision to use it. This is vital in the context of battle.

7/ It has a short range of 30m per unit (20m of detonating cord + 10m safe distance for user) so that it can be used in small built up areas including civilian areas (using Middle Eastern towns and villages as an example).

8/ For longer distances, and non-linear streets and alleys (as is common in the Middle East), multiple HARBOOM devices can be used to make safe and rapid headway whilst gaining crucial ground.

9/ It is designed to minimise collateral damage to the immediate surrounding area.

10/ It will be cheap to produce with a high mark-up value when produced by the armament company.

11/ It will be very accurate, just ‘POINT—–DEPLOY––DETONATE––GO’.

12/ It Is not designed as a weapon, rather a safety device.

In Summary

A/ HARBOOM will detonate any landmine or IED in the direction that the soldier/ company of soldiers are taking.

This works by the detonated ‘50 Grain Explosive Cord’ creating a ‘tunnel’ of great pressure, triggering any pressure plate activated IEDs/ landmines.

B/ The ‘blast line’ that will be created will provide visual confirmation that it is safe to step on this marked ground,  as any IEDs/ landmines not detonated would be outside this area.

C/ Any non-pressure plate activated IED devices (i.e. remote detonation from mobile phone) could be disrupted or compromised during, and as a result of the blast.

My vision is that every soldier in the UK, the US, Canada, and all other allied countries should carry at least one on their person when in a combat situation.

As this concept is not designed as a weapon, then trading will not be restricted only to the countries I have named.

Inspiration for HARBOOM

I am a Community Mental Health Care-Manager working for the NHS in Conwy County, North Wales. There is a large population of ex-forces personnel in the area whom have been retired due to physical and psychological injuries.

Naturally, in my role I assess and treat many of these members due to PTSD symptoms as a result of their service , often they bear physical injuries.

The most pertinent statement made by one of these men that resulted in me formulating this product idea was, “It wasn’t being shot at, it was waiting for the ‘bang’ that f****d with my head!” He was, of course talking about the fear of stepping on an IED or landmine, something he bore witness to twice, where some of his colleagues were killed or injured terribly.

This particular case sparked my initial curiosity into troop protection against landmines and IED’s.

I made some initial rough designs after careful thought, with the emphasis on
safely disarming these landmines and improvised explosive devices to help soldiers to gain ground rapidly whilst having the confidence of knowing that, once used, their movements would not trigger any IEDs or landmines. The sole purpose of my device was to prevent death or injury, literally to ‘save life and limb’.

I sent these initial designs to INNOVATE PRODUCT DESIGN ltd, an award winning UK based company that realises novel ideas and inventions (They are advocated by the ‘Dragons Den’ team and also Lord Alan Sugar).

They made an initial search of any similar devices proposed and they found my concept to be very viable.

They then carried out a ‘Worldwide Patent Search’, again revealing that, although there have been a number of historical and recent patent applications (with pictorial and abstract detail) for ideas for landmine and IED removal, none of the patent applications were for personal and close protection of soldiers, which is a very surprising fact (full WPS report available on request from interested parties).

It was, however, evident that major military forces (US Navy, UK Army and Canadian Military)are trying to develop a device such as mine, although my concept and design is  the most intuitive, the only self contained unit with no additional equipment needed and the most mobile. This should be viewed as a positive rather than a negative, showing that military circles are clearly expressing the need for a device such as HARBOOM.

INNOVATE PRODUCT DESIGN ltd remain confident that a patent will be granted for my design, owing to the self contained nature, intuitive and innovative design and multiple failsafe components that I have developed.

My concept has been fully designed using 3D CAD modelling and graphic realisation and traditional line drawings, all of which I have made available on this website using the menu tabs on the home page.

INNOVATE PRODUCT DESIGN ltd and I are confident that from these designs, physical production of HARBOOM would be an easy transition with appropriate manufacturers (armament companies only due to the products nature).

The Clear Need for HARBOOM

Since the commencement of ‘The War on Terror’ (not to mention all major conflicts since explosives have been used, 200+ years or so in various forms), tens of thousands of coalition forces and civilians in the conflict zones have lost ‘life or limb’ due to landmines and/or IED’s.

Each and every member of the forces, whether on foot or in transit via vehicle is at risk of death or being maimed with life altering injuries, the enemy preferring to ‘fight dirty’ rather than engage in a firefight with the allied forces.

These tactics have proven devastatingly effective; many troops have been killed or gravely injured by these devices. This gives the enemy a huge physical and psychological advantage. Also, they considerably inhibit the rapid movement of troops into enemy held territory due to the danger of hidden devices in paths, roads, walls, fields etc.

HARBOOM would be accurate, provide an instantly safe passage by clearing hidden landmines/ IED devices. It would be a compact, lightweight and portable advantage for each member of patrol on foot.

Adapted in larger form it would provide safe passage for vehicles.

It would minimise collateral damage due to the ‘engineered-in’ accuracy. I also designed it so that it would be easy to manufacture, using existing methods and materials. It is simple yet innovative in design, thus ensuring reliability and providing extra safety.

Although patents for other designs have been granted in the past for the same objective, none were for individual armed service personnel, none were short range which limited their use in urban areas, none were self-contained units that needed zero set up or heavy/ additional equipment, no specific transport needs, and there is no viable design where there was no ‘firing’ with either a mortar round or rocket propulsion.

Politically, western governments are now much more reluctant to employ their military forces in areas of conflict due to the negative public desire to see their nations military personnel killed or maimed.

An effective safety device such as HARBOOM would reduce these devastating injuries and deaths, thereby reducing the voting public’s reluctance for war or conflict, however justified the grounds for military action.

The US military alone spends almost a $6oo Billion dollars on its defence budget annually, including safety equipment for their service personnel (included in this figure is financial aid to its 33,000 wounded veterans).

Worldwide total expenditure on military in 2015 is estimated at $1.563 Trillion (Figures from International Institute for Strategic Studies, World Military Balance 2016).

I believe that any forward thinking government or military should invest in HARBOOM once it was made available for use. Their military personnel are the greatest resources that any army has and their safety is paramount.

Financially, however unsavoury a subject when talking of peoples lives, in the long term, contracts for HARBOOM would be very cost effective as less money would need to be paid to compensate the injured soldier or compensation to the families of the soldier killed in action.

My aim is to make my HARBOOM device an essential piece of equipment to all troops worldwide, they risk their lives for their country, therefore they should be afforded the best safety available.

Additionally, other than areas of current conflict, the many countries and territories around the world that are still blighted by landmined areas from former wars where NATO peacekeeping forces now have a presence, my product could be used as part of the ‘Hearts and Minds’ message, e.g. make the civilian population safe, gain their trust, thanks and concordance.

There are a number of charities that I believe could viably use HARBOOM as part of their strategy, as it is not designed as a weapon, then in theory it could be used by the charity workers (under special licence).

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